Friday, December 26, 2008

Snowed In!

If you haven't heard....we have been hit by an arctic blast!! We have lived in Battle Ground for over five years, and it usually only snows once or twice, one or two inches, that lasts for a day or two. The kids basically didn't have school the last week before Christmas break--which means they will probably be going to school until the end of June--and we still have over a foot of snow on the ground! We barely made it out of our driveway to go to a friend's house a couple of blocks away. Church has been cancelled the last two weeks, and we'll find out if we get to go this week in a couple of days. The Portland area basically shuts down, which made preparing for Christmas extremely difficult. I hate to admit's been ten years since we've lived somewhere where it snows, and I was a chicken to leave the house!

My Own Wizard of Oz

A couple of days before Christmas, we watched the Wizard of Oz (it was on tv). On commercial, the kids disappeared upstairs. This is what they looked like when they returned. They had raided the dress up box and emerged with Paige as Glenda the Good Witch, Macey as The Scarecrow (complete with Indian dress and a grass skirt as her hair--and ski gloves), Brooke as Dorothy (and Toto in her hand), and Isaac as The Lion. I thought it was so creative :)