Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



We visited Disneyland for the first time! If I could describe our experience in two words, it would be 1. crowded and 2. HOT!! We took two days driving there. The pictures are of everyone excited, just before we hit the road. We spent the first night at Annie & Gary's in Sacramento, then drove the remainder on Sunday. Disneyland was closed to the public Sunday evening, due to Miley Cyrus' birthday party! (Oh how my girls would have loved to have been in the park!) We arrived bright and early Monday morning with high expectations, and left a little low. Lines for the big rides were 45 minutes to an hour, and there were fast passes only available on 3 rides. I think getting autographs from the characters was everyone's favorite part, though we did catch most of the parade, which was fun. Because we spent $40 just on breakfast, we decided to go to the store when we got back to the hotel. We left the kids with a phone and the door locked, and we checked up on them multiple times. When Shane and I got back to the hotel, we knocked on the door, we called the cell phone....and nothing. This went on for an hour! Our kids were so worn out, that they crashed hard, and didn't hear a thing. The hotel security didn't have a key to override the lock from inside. We tried EVERYTHING!! After waking up the guy next door, he pounded on the door as hard as he could (he was a little upset with us) saying, "well, I'll wake them up!! Nothing. They put us up in a room across the hall, until Carly called at 12:40 am, saying "where are you guys?" Needless to say, our first day at Disneyland was far from perfect.