Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Official--no more thumb-sucking!!

I think I can officially declare that Paige no longer sucks her thumb--or any other finger!! It's been a long time coming!! Ever since Paige was a couple of months old, she has sucked her thumb. She was just a baby that needed that comfort, and along with her special soft blankie, would go to sleep so easy! I thought it was so cute as a baby--that wore off a little, the older she got, and the thought of trying to break her of the habit was always in the back of my mind. Once she was approaching two, we decided it was time (her teeth were proof of that). I bought "Thum" at the store and started applying it at bedtime. It helped for a while, then she started sucking her pointer finger. So we put it on both, then she started sucking her middle finger, etc, etc. We were putting "Thum" on all five fingers on BOTH hands. We were going through bottles of the stuff, and I was giving up. Then, my sister Jodi told me about Mavala STOP. Her dentist gave it to her for biting her nails, but it's great for thumb-sucking too. I ordered some online--and I am a BELIEVER!! Anyone with a thumbsucker needs to use this stuff. You only have to apply it once, and it stays on for two days--even with handwashing. I felt like a meanie, and I expected whining or staying up at night, but it never happened. It didn't even seem to phase her. It's been over a month now--and not once has she put a finger near her mouth!! If you have a thumb-sucker or nail biter, just call me--I have a whole bottle of Mavala STOP left!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bummed out!

Just thought I would fill those in who haven't heard....I broke my tailbone a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I have a broken butt :) I couldn't find an appropriate picture to post either. I wish I had a really cool story as to how it happened--but, I don't. I was carrying a basket of laundry down the stairs. As I was going down, I had to step over Isaac, who was sitting on the stairs. I really don't remember what happened exactly, but I think he raised an arm, or moved, I lost my footing, the basket went flying, and I landed on the edge of the stairs and continued to slide down a couple more. I started yelling/crying. The kids came running. Shane was at work, so Carly came over to me with the phone and said, "who do you want me to call? Should I call 911 or should I call dad?" (I must've really scared her if she thought I needed an ambulance) I had her try to call Shane, who's cell phone was dead. In the meantime, I called my friend's husband, who's a doctor, and asked him what I should do, because I thought I may have broken my tailbone. He told me to take 4 Ibuprofen, ice it, and get an x-ray in the morning (this all happened about 8 pm). So I layed on the couch (I don't have a memory of getting there), Carly brought me ice, Brooke rubbed my back, and Paige offered me her quesadilla. Shane got home about 10:30--still no idea what had happened. He started telling me about his day, etc., until I said, "guess what happened to me?" I got an x-ray the next day, and sure enough, I have a fractured tailbone. As Leah put it, "it gives new meaning to the phrase butt crack". I have had numerous jokes made at my expense :) It has been nice, though. Carly and Brooke brought me breakfast in bed the next morning with toast, juice, flowers, and ibuprofen. lol. They have all had to step things up and pick up everything I need them to, so I may just have to milk this as long as possible. Every day is a little better, and I can't wait to play soccer and volleyball again. This really is a pain in the rear!